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We are aimed at businesses who are dealing with international companies outside of Germany

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Our competences

The team here at Contract Babel is led by an experienced English lawyer who has had the misfortune of spending a number of years reviewing, drafting and negotiating English language contracts.

The benefit for you our customer, is that with all these years experience, the team at Contract Babel are expert in delivering the best solutions.

Do you need to negotiate an English language contract with a new supplier?

How about a license agreement with an American software company?

An Australian manufacturer wishes to resell you some mechanical parts and their T&Cs are in English?

Do you currently only have non-English speaking advisors reviewing your English language contracts?

Well then look no further!

Rather than asking your current advisor to get to grips with the inconsistent English language and its equally confusing English language contracts, come to Contract Babel instead!

Drop us a line detailing the nature of the English language contract you need reviewed and we'll respond to your request with an estimate of the cost and how long it will take.

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There are no fixed prices with Contract Babel, we will agree a price with you depending on your budget, the complexity of the English language contract and the likely time it will take Contract Babel to negotiate any changes to that contract.

Contract Babel can either agree with you an hourly rate or fixed price for analysing the English language contract so you can be certain how much you will be spending with Contract Babel for having the contract reviewed by our team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Contract Babel speak other languages?

We speak English and German at Contract Babel!

I have to negotiate an English language contract with an international company, can you help?

Contract Babel has a great deal of experience negotiating English language contracts with companies from all over the world

I have to negotiate an English language contract with an American company can you help?

The team at Contract Babel has negotiated numerous American English language contracts as well.

I have to negotiate an English language contract with a Middle-eastern company can you help?

Contract Babel covers English language contracts offered by Middle-eastern organisations.

Can you create a contract from scratch?

Yes. We can help you create the English language contract required to suit your business needs.

Do you have particular English language contract expertise at Contract Babel?

We at Contract Babel like to think we can negotiate any English language contract that is thrown at us, but have a particular fondness for telecoms, IT and energy.

Should I send a copy of the English language contract I wish Contract Babel to review along with my enquiry?

The team at Contract Babel is happy to take a preliminary look at any English language contract you may have, contact us at: info@contract-babel.com

How quickly can you deal with my contract?

The time required to work on a contract depends on its complexity, however we usually have a turn-around time of 24 hours.

What our customers say about us

The Spark has not had much experience with legal matters and Contract babel made everything reassuring simple and straightforward; explaining wording and principles clearly and patiently. Contract babel created our precedent NDA and consultancy agreement for subcontractors. Contract babel in preparing these contracts addressed our concerns completely, delivered on time and within budget.

Margaret Piatkowski - Director The Spark Consultancy

BlubBox utilised Contract babel's services at the early stages of a dispute with another Singaporean company. Contract babel evaluated the merits of BlueBox's claim and advised effectively on next course of action ensuing a successful outcome for us.

Roshni Pandey - Director BlueBox Group

Propellerfish hired Contract babel to negotiate a services contract with a American Fortune 500 payments company. Contract babel reviewed, amended and negotiated the contract on our behalf to a successful conclusion, while ensuring our interests were fully protected.

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